Getting Started with ROCO Voices

Learn everything you need to know about joining the Roco Voices Speakers’ Bureau.


  1. Getting Started
  2. Creating your Profile
  3. Adding your payout info
  4. How to set your rates
  5. How can I make money on Roco Voices / Gathr?
  6. FAQs

1. Getting Started

Once you receive an invitation to join ROCO Voices, follow the instructions in the initial email and select “Join Gathr.”

Next, you’ll be redirected and a “Join Gathr” button will appear. Once you select this, complete the sign-up form to create your account. 

Following sign-up, create your Talent profile by answering some questions about your area of expertise, a short bio, profile photo, social media links, and more. 

The last step of this quick process is to accept or decline the invitation to join Gathr as a member of the Film to which you were invited. Once you accept, your profile is featured on the Film page, increasing your visibility and boosting your chances of getting booked. 

If you are already registered with Gathr, you can simply select “Accept” in your invitation email, and you’ll be featured on the Film page, boosting your chances of getting booked for speaking appearances. 

2. Creating your Profile

A comprehensive profile makes for a more appealing first impression and transmits more information to Event organizers, so be sure to complete your profile.

You can easily update your profile anytime if you didn’t finish your profile during sign-up.

When editing your profile, you can set the following: 

  • Category
  • Sub-category
  • Tags
  • Profile image
  • Short bio
  • Social media links

If you’re a Filmmaker, be sure to select Cinema as your category, as only Cinema category Talent can upload their Films to Gathr. 

Learn more about creating your Talent profile

3. Adding your payout info

Take advantage of Gathr's secure payment guarantee by adding your payout details. 

Access your "Wallet" to add payout info and choose from Paypal,, Venmo, or a charity payout to receive your booking revenue. 

Learn more about adding payout info

To complete a transaction on Gathr, you must add at least one payout method to receive your payout. 

4. How to set your rates

Setting your rates is simple. 

When you receive a booking inquiry, navigate to your Inbox, and select the new inquiry.

Then, choose to “Reply with Offer.” 

Now you can set your offer price to whatever you like, depending on the type of the Event, the Event organizer, or other factors. 

You can also propose a new date and time if the Host’s proposed time doesn’t work with your schedule. You can also ask to switch from an in-person Event to a virtual or vice-versa. 

Finally, you can set a custom deposit amount, which the Event Organizer must pay to confirm the Booking. 

The remaining balance will be collected whenever your cancellation policy begins.

For example, if your Booking takes place on January 30, and you have a Moderate Cancellation Policy - which guarantees a full refund up to 7 days before the Booking - then your remaining balance would be charged by January 23.

 For Filmmakers, learn how to set your Film rates

5. How can I make money on ROCO Voices / Gathr?

As part of the ROCO Cohort, you can be booked directly from the ROCO Film to which you’ve been invited. Event organizers land on the Film page, and see your name and avatar among the Featured Speakers, and they can easily send you an inquiry to appear at their next Event. Once you receive the inquiry, decide on your rate, and send them an offer. When they accept, your payment is guaranteed.

At the same time, you have an automatically created Gathr account, which affords you a wealth of features designed to create new sources of revenue. 

Here are some of the ways you can start growing your income on Gathr:

  • Bookable Speakers' Profile -  Enable greater speaking bookings from your Speaker's profile, where Event organizers can book you directly. Share your Speaker's profile link on your website and social media to generate traffic and increase bookings. 
  • "Book Me" Widget -  Embed a widget on your website to encourage more bookings. Utilize Gathr's functionality from your website to generate booking inquiries and maximize conversion. Find out how to add a widget to your website
  • Customizable fees and Custom Offers - Enjoy complete control over how and when you appear at Events. Set your rates, add travel fees, and communicate with event organizers to ensure the Event is suitable for you. Or, send a custom offer that's uniquely tailored for each inquiry. 
  • Video on Demand -  For both existing content and for future events, this feature allows you to  leverage your content into a passive revenue stream on a Gathr-hosted landing page whose link is sharable to LinkedIn and social media audiences or anywhere on the internet. Learn how to create a Video on Demand
  • Product Sales & Ticket Bundling - Upload your existing video content, PDF how-to guides, e-books, or any other downloadable digital content to offer it for sale, or bundle it within a ticket tier for your Event, so purchasers will automatically receive it when they reserve a ticket. Learn how to add a digital product.
  • Talent Offerings -  For the talks you do most, you can create a "pre-packaged" speaking offering with unique rates and fees, so your community can book the exact programming they are looking for. Learn more about Offerings

6. FAQs

What materials do I need to set up my ROCO Voices profile?

  • Setting up your Roco Voices profile is quick and straightforward. Add a high-quality profile photo, your social media links, a detailed about me section, high-resolution images and a video showcasing your work. Learn more about creating your Talent profile

I have signed up as part of ROCO Voices; how do I add Films to my profile that are not distributed by ROCO?

I’m the Filmmaker and I’d like to invite someone to become a speaker for my ROCO Film.

  • You'll want to email the person you'd like to invite and copy Mikalia Wood - who will send the invite from ROCO Voices with the link to create their profile.

I'm the Filmmaker and I'd like to invite someone to become a speaker for a Film that is not distributed by ROCO.   

  • See above on how to add a Film that is not distributed by ROCO.
    When you set up your Film, you’ll be asked to add Cast & Crew, when you enter their description (cast, director, writer, etc.) and name. Next, select “Invite,” and enter their email. We’ll automatically send them an email to join ROCO Voices as part of the Cast & Crew of your Film.

I have a question about my payment. Who should I contact?

  • If you have any issues with your Event Organizer about payment, it’s recommended to contact them directly from your Gathr Inbox. For any other issues, you can get in touch with

What is the difference between an offering and a booking request? 

  • Both Offerings and Booking Requests were conceived to get you as the Talent booked more often and for the price that you set, but there are differences between the two. 
  • An offering is pre-set Event programming, such as a lecture, discussion, or other content, that you’re prepared to give at future events. Examples of an Offering could be a 1-hour keynote speech, a 45-minute post-screening Q&A session, or a 30-minute pre-screening Meet & Greet with the audience. You pre-set the price of an Offering when you set it up. 
  • Event Organizers can also send you a booking request, which requires them to enter the date, time, approximate audience size, and a custom message, so you can learn about what kind of Event they are planning. With a booking request, you can always send a custom offer, allowing you to customize pricing according to the nature of the Event booking. 

How can I set my fees?

  • For ROCO Voices bookings, you can customize your fees for each different inquiry by sending a custom offer from the message in your Inbox. 
  • For Gathr bookings, you can set your fees when creating your Talent profile and you can send custom offers in response to booking requests.

I am an Event organizer looking to book a film

How can I book this film for my Event?  Can this film be booked for virtual screenings?
  • All film bookings, including virtual screenings, are handled by ROCO Films.  You can visit their website here to purchase a screening license for the film (

Who should I contact if I have questions about booking the film?  

I’ve reached out to a speaker, and I haven’t heard back from them, how do I follow-up with them?

  • All speaker communications are managed through the platform, we suggest reaching out to them again, or choosing a different speaker for your event.
  • To contact a speaker you’ve already inquired about, log in to your Gathr account, and navigate to Inbox, then select the relevant message thread.You can type a custom message and send it to them directly. 

Our event has been canceled and we need to cancel our speaker.  What is the refund policy?

  • Speakers set their own refund policies. They may set any of the following refund policies:
    • Flexible - Full refund up to 2 days before the event, except service fees and the deposit (if non-refundable).
    • Moderate - Full refund up to 7 days before the event, except service fees and the deposit (if non-refundable).
    • Strict - Full refund up to 14 days before the event, except service fees and the deposit (if non-refundable).
    • Custom - With this refund policy, the speaker can set a custom percentage which will be refunded up to a given number of days before a booked appearance, except service fees and the deposit (if non-refundable).
  • To check your specific speaker’s refund policy, check your initial email after you confirmed your booking with them.