How to Screen my Film on Gathr

Once you've got your Film on Gathr, you can easily set up a Screening in minutes.

Haven't set up your Film(s) on Gathr yet? 

Learn how to onboard your Films on Gathr

1. Access your Films tab

From the left-hand sidebar menu, choose the Films tab. 

Don't see a Films tab?

To remedy this, create a new Talent profile, and select "Cinema" when you do so.

Learn how to create a Talent profile

Next, find the Film you want to screen, and go to the Actions drop-down menu. Select New Screening to start building your Screening Event. 

2. Build your Screening

Select your Film from the list or add a new Film. 

The next step is to select your location - are you hosting an in-person or virtual Screening, or a hybrid of the two? 

For in-person and hybrid Screenings, enter a location. 

For virtual and hybrid Screenings, choose which livestream platform you'd like to use. 

You can choose from the following options:

  • Zoom 
  • 3rd party streaming service. 

Next, set a name for your Screening - the title defaults to "[Film Title] Screening," or you can customize the title. 

3. Create your Film Screening page

Your public-facing Screening page is an important part of your Screening, so be sure to add a high-resolution cover image in a 2:1 aspect ratio to showcase your Film. You can add multiple cover photos and page visitors can view all the photos you upload. 

Underneath your Film's cover photos, Film page visitors see your Screening Event description. Here you can add text and basic formatting to further set off your Screening Event and Film. 

4. Set your Screening date & time

Set a start date/time and an end date/time for your Screening Event. 

Then, set your Film start time, keeping in mind your Film's duration and your Event end time. 

Why set a different Event start time and Film start time? 

If you'd like a live component with your Screening, be sure to account for that with your Event start/end times and your Film start time.

For example, a brief welcome and introduction is often a great way to start a Screening Event or a Q & A session after the Film can also add value to your Event. 

If you are planning to have both an introduction and a post-film Q & A, be sure to set your Film start time after your Event start time. Likewise, set your Event end time after your Film finishes.

Here is an example Event Screening schedule with both an initial welcome and a post-Film Q & A live component:

Event start time: 6:00pm

Welcome and Introduction: 6:00-6:15pm

Film duration: 6:15pm-7:15pm

Post-Film Q & A: 7:15pm-7:35pm

Event end time: 7:35pm

5. Choose Event on Demand™ or standard ticketing

The last step is to choose between leveraging crowdfunding through Event on Demand™ to guarantee your Screening Event costs are covered or utilizing standard ticketing. 

With standard ticketing, you can set multiple ticket tiers and prices. 

6. Publish your Screening Event

Once you've input all your Screening details, your Event is ready to publish.