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How to Choose a Livestream Platform

Understand virtual Events, what your options are, and how to choose what's right for your Event.

Learn about virtual Event Formats and Ticketing options:

  1. Introduction
  2. Zoom
  3. RTMPS - Broadcast
  4. Other

   1.  Introduction


Event Platforms- Gathr offers multiple options for your virtual Events:

1. Zoom

    • Easily link your Zoom account and automatically create your Zoom Event from Gathr or enter your Event information manually.
    • Zoom Meeting - Your audience appears with thumbnail images in a gallery, and you can interact visually and via microphones.
    • Zoom Webinar - One-to-many presentation style. The Host's camera/screen share is visible, while the audience can interact only via the chat. 

2. RTMPS - Broadcast

    • Stream from the software you choose, such as OBS Studio or Wirecast, or use any other livestream platform, and we'll redirect your Attendees.

    • One-to-many presentation style. The Host's camera/screen share is visible, while the audience can interact only via the chat. 

3. Other

    • Use the Gathr Watch Page - Embed your YouTube Live or Vimeo Live livestream directly onto the Gathr Watch page.
    • Other - Livestream from your preferred platform. Your Attendees will be redirected to the link you provide. 

Ticketing - Each Event Format has unique ticketing options. Read on to learn which format will fit your Event best. 


         2.  Zoom 

      Choose between Zoom Meeting and Webinar.

      • Zoom Meeting - Attendees are visible in thumbnails on-screen; Attendees and Presenters/Talent can interact visually and using their microphones.
      • Zoom Webinar - Only Presenters/Talent are visible during your Event, and Attendees can participate via chat. You will not be able to see your Attendees; you can invite guest panelists, who will display in a gallery with the Host.

      To create a Zoom Event, you have two options:

        • Link your Zoom Account with Gathr (recommended).
        • Input your Zoom Meeting information manually. 

      Your Zoom Event will look like this:

        • Zoom Ticketing Capacity
          • Zoom Meeting - 10,000 maximum Attendees.
          • Zoom Webinar - 10,000 maximum Attendees.

      While Gathr allows up to 10,000 Attendees, Zoom limits the total attendance in your Zoom Meetings & Webinars according to your Zoom plan. Learn more about your Zoom participant limit. 

      Learn how to set up your virtual event with Zoom

         3.  RTMPS - Broadcast

      • Once you set up your Event, you'll receive an email with the RTMPS URL and stream key. 

         4.  Other

        • Use the Gathr Watch Page - Using a Vimeo Live or Youtube Live URL, your livestream will embed directly onto your Gathr Watch page. 

      Your Event will look like this:

        • Third-Party Platform - Twitch, Google Meets, Facebook Live. etc. - Copy and paste your Event URL here, and your Attendees will be sent to the link you provide when they RSVP/purchase tickets to your Event. 

      The Event experience and capacities depend on each platform with any third-party platform.