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How do Events On Demand™ Work for Event Hosts?

Find out how to create a risk free Event and make sure you cover your costs.

Events On Demand™ are a great way to guarantee income from your Event, set your marketing and ticket sales schedules, and build a community around your Event.

Set Event Info

First, set the essential information for your Event, like a name, description, and location.


Choose an Event date 

Next, choose a date for your Event. 


Set your minimum Thresholds

Next, set a Threshold. This is your goal for either Attendance, Revenue, or both. 

A Threshold gives you control over:

  • Your minimum Attendance
  • Your minimum Revenue

You can also choose to set a Threshold for both Attendance and Revenue. 

Thresholds act as a minimum Attendance or Revenue guarantee for your Event.

You must reach a minimum of 80% of your Threshold(s) to confirm your Event with the GreenLight™ button.

What does GreenLight™ mean?

When you GreenLight™ your tentative Event On Demand™, it means you are confirming the Event will happen and charging all current ticket reservations. 

If you GreenLight™ with less than 100% of your Threshold(s) covered (you must have at least 80% covered to do so), you're required to cover the remaining balance(s) in one of two ways:


Add Ticket Tiers

The last step is to add ticket tiers, prices, ticket tier titles, quantities, and a description. 

Whether you’ve chosen an Attendance Threshold, Revenue Threshold, or both, the calculator will handle the numbers and display:

  • Ticket / Revenue Threshold
  • Total Revenue if you sell all the tickets in all your ticket tiers
  • Potential Profit - The difference between your Threshold and Total Revenue when selling all the tickets in all ticket tiers.

What if my Event doesn’t reach its Threshold?

If it looks like your Event won’t meet its Threshold, you can still take advantage of your reservations:

  • Confirm your Event - With at least 80% of your Threshold reached, you can GreenLight™ your Event and confirm it will happen. This means you will absorb the difference between existing ticket sales and your Threshold. That said, you will probably still have time to sell more tickets before your Event, depending on when your Deadline is.
    • For example, here is the key info about My Next Event:

    • If I’ve only sold 95 tickets by August 19th, but I think I’ll probably sell at least five more tickets between August 19th and My Next Event, I can choose to confirm my Event since I’ve reached 80% of my Threshold. Confirming my Event will ensure it isn’t cancelled by not reaching its Threshold.

If your Event doesn’t reach at least 80% of its Threshold by your deadline, it expires. Existing ticket reservations won’t be charged, and the pre-authorizations for ticket reservations will be cleared.