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How to Create an In-Person Event

Create and plan your Event in minutes. In six easy steps, get your Event published and start selling tickets today.



  1. Create an Event

  2. Set up your Event - Fill in some basic information about your Event.

  3. Create your Event page - Build interest in your Event by adding a cover photo, title, and other descriptors.

  4. Enter Ticketing Information - Offer various ticket tiers and timings to attract a wide range of Attendees to your Event. 
  5. Publish your Event - Publish your Event privately or publicly.

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   1.  Create an Event

From your Overview, select Start Now. 

Start Now Magnify


   2.  Set up your Event 

Fill in some basic information about your Event.

  1. Event format- Select in-person Event. 
  2. Ticketing - Choose to sell tickets or have a free Event.
  3. Event type - Are you planning one Event or a Recurring Event? Some common examples are a daily city tour, a weekly yoga class, or a monthly meeting. 
  4. Start date/time - When does your Event begin and end?
  5. Time zone - A time zone (based on your IP address) is suggested, but you can also choose a different time zone. 

Does your Event go past midnight?

  • An Event often starts and ends on the same date - for example, a fundraiser, art gallery exhibition, or a cocktail party. If your Event begins and ends on the same day, your Start Date and End Date will be the same. 
  • Some Events start on one day and end on the next day. For example, if your 4-hour Event, 2001: A Space Odyssey Watch Party, Start Time is 10:00 PM Friday, June  6, the End Date and End Time are June 7 at 2:00 AM. For example:


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   3.  Create an Event page

Build interest in your Event by adding a cover photo, title, and other descriptors.

Build Your Event Page numbered

  1. Event Title- What's your Event called?
  2. Cover Photo - Add a photo to display on your Event page.
  3. Event type - What kind of Event is it? (required)
  4. Category - Be specific to attract your target audience (required).
  5. Subcategory - Give your audience an idea of what they're attending (required).
  6. Event tags - Add keywords to set off your Event in search results (optional).
  7. Short Description - Give a brief summary of your Event.
  8. Description - Give details about the Event and anything your audience should know.


   4.  Enter Ticketing Information

Offer various ticket tiers and timings to attract a wide range of Attendees to your Event. 

Add Ticket Tiers GIF updated

  • Set ticket tiers - label multiple ticket tiers to your Event. 
      • You can set and name unlimited ticket tiers.

Examples of Ticket Tiers:

  • General Admission - Regular tickets
  • VIP - Offers Attendees something extra for a higher price.
  • Early Bird - Offers Attendees a discount for purchasing tickets earlier.
  • Student/Senior/Children/Member Price - Offers a discount for Attendees who are part of a particular group.

    • Quantity - What is the maximum tickets you can sell at each tier? (Be sure you don't sell more tickets than your Event can accommodate.)
    • Price - Set your ticket price.
        • You can choose to include fees. Find out more about our fees here.
    • Ticket Sales start and end dates/times - Adjust the Start and End Times/Dates of your ticket sales to create dynamic ticket pricing for your event and encourage Attendees to purchase tickets sooner rather than later.

    Examples of dynamic ticket pricing:

    • Your Event is on December 15, and you decide to offer:
      • Early Bird tickets ($20) from October 1 - 31
      • General Admission ($30) from November 1 - 30
      • Last Minute ($40) from December 1 - 15
      • VIP ($50) from October 1 - December 15

    Understand ticket pricing strategy and fees:

    Learn about how to make more money with tiered pricing

    Understand how fees work here.


       5.  Publish your Event

    Make your Event Public or Private.

    public or private event

    Privacy Settings
        • Public - anyone with the link can view the Event page or find your Event on Gathr.com via search engines and ticketing outlets.
        • Unlisted - your Event won't be discoverable on Gathr.com, search engines, or ticketing outlets.


    You're almost done! The last step is to Publish your Event.

             Publish Now

        • Go live with your Event.
        • Your Event Page is visible on Gathr.com, via search engines and ticketing outlets.
        • Applicable ticket tiers are available for sale.

    Publish Later 

        • Add the finishing touches later. 
        • The event page is not visible yet.

        • Cannot sell tickets yet.
        • Other limitations.


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