What Are the Fees?

Understand fees for Events, whether you are hosting, performing, or attending an Event.

What are the Fees?

Are you planning to Host an Event, or are you booked to perform/present at an Event (Talent)? 

Or are you buying tickets to go to an Event (Attendee)?  According to your answer, there are some different fees. 


1. Event Host

2. Talent



   1.  Event Host

Free Events

After the first 20 tickets are reserved, there is a $0.25 Platform Usage Fee per RSVP. 

For free virtual Events using Gathr's native livestream solution, there is an additional $0.25 charge per RSVP after the first 20 tickets are reserved. Put another way, events with Gathr's livestream cost $0.50 per RSVP after the first 20 registrations.

Paid Events

Gathr’s ticket service fee is the greater of $1.50 or 10% of the ticket price, capped at $4.00.

Additionally, Stripe, our payment processor, charges a 2.9% Transaction Fee + $0.30.


   2.  Talent

When a Host books you on Gathr.com, there is a 6% Booking Service Fee. 

For example, your Offering Fee is $1000 - this is the amount you will earn, minus the 6% Service Fee, or $60.00.


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