How to Inquire and Book Talent

Learn how to send a Talent inquiry and confirm a Talent booking

  1. Find a Talent
  2. Send Booking Request
  3. Review and accept Talent's Offer

1. Find a Talent

Navigate to the Talent profile you'd like to book, and select the "Booking Request" button. 

Talent profile

Note: Be sure you are logged in when you send a booking inquiry. Any inquiries you send and confirm are contained within the same account and cannot be transferred across accounts. 

2. Send Booking Request

Provide basic information about when and how you would like your target Talent to appear, such as start time & date and end time & date, virtual or in-person appearance, free or paid event, and give any important details the Talent may need to know when they consider your inquiry. 

Inquiry modal

3. Review and Accept Talent's Offer

Talents have up to five days to review and respond to your inquiry. Once they do, you'll receive an email, which links directly to your Booking Message thread, where you can review the Talent's Offer. 

You can also access your Offers by selecting the Inbox icon in the top right corner of your dashboard and from selecting the the link in the Pending Offers banner. 

Host Dashboard Inbox

From your Inbox, select the correct Message thread to view your new Offer. 

Once you are inside your Message thread, you can review the details of the Talent's Offer, and accept or decline the Offer. 

You can send and receive messages in this Message thread anytime with your target Talent, before or after your booking is confirmed. However, you can only send contact information, like email addresses, phone numbers, or website URLs after your booking is confirmed. 

Accept Offer

After you accept the Offer, follow the instructions to complete payment. 

Book worry-free - your payment is always protected by Gathr's Security Gaurantee.

Once you complete payment, you've successfully booked a Talent. 

If you'd like to add a booking to one of your existing Events, learn how to add or remove bookings from your Events here