Gathr Security Guarantee

Gathr Security Guarantee


The Security Guarantee is a guarantee:


1.     to Talent and Venues, that after an Event concludes, you will be paid all pre-approved expenses agreed to by the Host at the time the Event was booked, as reflected in the Marketplace Terms, subject to the Eligibility Clause below.


2.     to Hosts, that if Talent or a Venue cancels without cause, you will be reimbursed your deposit.


Eligibility Clause.  For Talent and Venues, we will notify you 24 hours before the Event Start Time, if we have been unable to charge the Host for the minimum guarantee, so that you may choose whether to withdraw from the Event or to proceed.  


You will have four hours to notify us of your decision to withdraw, and you must provide that notification to us through the method that we specify.  This withdrawal will be deemed “for cause” as discussed in our Cancellation Policy and Fees and Settlement Process policy.  If you do not make such a withdrawal, and no other party eligible to make such a withdrawal does so, you must meet your obligations for the Event, but Gathr will not be responsible for paying you the minimum guarantee if Gathr does not collect it from the Host.