How does Gathr credit work?

Learn all the ways you can put your Gathr credit to use and save on fees

Congrats - you've got Gathr credit!

There are many ways to take advantage of your Gathr credit: ticket sales, video content rental with Video on Demand, 1-to-1 Call booking, Talent Offering,  product sales, or another Gathr feature. 

In short, when you have Gathr credit and someone purchases a ticket, service, or product from any of your profiles, the service fees are paid from your credit balance, giving you extra revenue with each sale. 

What does Gathr credit cover?

Firstly, your Gathr credit is used automatically when a paid transaction for any of the following is completed:

  • Event tickets with incorporated fees*
  • Video on Demand purchases
  • 1-to-1 Call bookings
  • Talent Offering booking
  • Talent bookings
  • Film bookings
  • Venue bookings
  • Digital and physical product sales

Additionally, if you host a free Event, and plan to have over 100 attendees, your Gathr credit will go towards Gathr's platform usage fee ($0.35 Platform Usage Fee per RSVP after 100).

*In the Ticketing section of your Event setup/management, you have two choices for fee payment:

1. Incorporate fees, so they are subtracted from your ticket income. For example, Ticket price = $15 with incorporated fees, your revenue = $12.70. With Gathr credit, your ticket revenue goes up to $14.20.

2. Ticket purchasers pay the fees in addition to your ticket price. For example, Ticket price = $15 + $2.30 fees, purchasers pay $17.30.

Learn more about our fees.

What's not covered by Gathr credit?

Gathr credit has some limitations. 

Here's what's not covered:

  • Our payment processor's fee, which is 2.9% + $0.30.
  • Booking fees when you book someone else as the Event organizer. 
  • Ticket service fees when you buy a ticket to an Event as an Attendee.