Community Guidelines

Gathr is not just a booking platform, but a community of artists, creators, hosts, venues, and audience members, working together through shared expression and experiences.  We’ve established these Community Guidelines to help support collaboration and to ensure that standards of professionalism are maintained.


At Gathr, we work with the knowledge that communities are eternally evolving and growing and therefore, our Community Guidelines will continue to grow and evolve with our community and its members.  The following pillars —privacy, courtesy, integrity, and authenticity— serve as our guide for continuously striving to support artistic expression and creation.




Gathr is an all-ages platform that enhances both in-person and virtual events. It is critical that our members take great care in not only ensuring the physical safety of others but work to protect the privacy and security of others. 



The physical and information security of our members is of the utmost importance. You should make every effort to protect all participants on all occasions. Failure to provide physical safety and security will not be tolerated. 


Spam, phishing, or fraud

You should not make transactions outside of Gathr’s payments system; commit booking fraud, credit card fraud, or launder money; attempt to drive traffic to other sites or market unrelated products; divert payments meant for others; abuse our referrals system, or make false claims against other members of the community.


Privacy protection and intellectual property rights

You should not access others’ accounts without authorization nor violate any user’s privacy, copyrights, or trademarks. Instances of “doxing” or disclosure of the personal information of others, without consent, will not be tolerated. Learn more about Gathr’s privacy policy HERE




Diversity and expression are the cornerstones of the artist and the creative content we curate at Gathr. Respect and equity are required for our community to excel in their talents and gifts. Courtesy allows for all community members to flourish and grow. 


Discriminatory behavior or hate speech

Members are required to follow all applicable laws and adhere to Gathr’s non-discrimination policy. Any instance of discrimination against race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity, disability, or serious diseases is strictly prohibited. Insulting others on these bases will not be tolerated. 


Bullying or harassing others

You should not share personal information to shame or blackmail others, target others with unwanted behavior, defame others, or violate our community guidelines. Gathr offers multiple resources for conflict resolution and members are required to resolve all conflicts through approved channels. 



Gathr’s community members and collaborators work continuously bringing talent together with audiences to surpass expectations. Honest interactions and information is critical to maintaining community guidelines and future collaboration. 



You should not provide false or inaccurate information regarding your person, your offerings, talents or event spaces. You should not falsely advertise your events or abilities in any way. Members will be held accountable to their representations through Gathr’s conflict resolution process.



You should not provide inaccurate location information, have incorrect availability, mislead people about the type, nature, or details of your events, substitute experiences or ticket purchases, set up fake or fraudulent accounts, leave fraudulent reviews, engage in deceptive pricing, or fail to disclose hazards and habitability issues.


Gathr provides you the ability to create unique and diverse experiences and events. Since our community makes commitments based on these details, trust, communication, and integrity are essential to our community.


Contracts and commitments

Absent extenuating circumstances, you should not cancel after the deadline that has been set in the relevant cancellation policy. You should also not fail to make check-in possible, fail to pay, or violate your event contract in any way. Learn more about Gathr’s Cancellation Policy here.



You should not have persistent and pervasively low ratings, be unresponsive during booking or throughout event timing, fail to provide an adequate point of contact for event partners, or refuse to participate in our resolution process.