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Why Events On Demand™?

Find out how crowdfunding your next Event can help guarantee attendance and ticket sales.


Have you ever planned an Event? If you have, you’re surely used to worrying about how many people will (or won’t) show up. You may even ask yourself:

“Should I invest all this time and energy into this event? I don’t even know if I’ll make any money on it.”

“Is it worth the risk?”

Enter Events on Demand™

Simply put, with Events on Demand™ you can gather a critical mass of your audience when they reserve tickets by pre-authorizing their credit cards so that you’ll have enough revenue to cover your costs before you GreenLight™ your event!

No more risk

No matter what kind of Event you are planning, you can finally stop worrying about if you’re going to lose money or if you’re going to play to an empty room. 

Creating an Event On Demand™ empowers you to plan and publish a 100% crowdfunded Event. 

Customize your timeline

Easily set your Event date months ahead, so you have plenty of time, or leave the date blank, and secure your Event funding before you set the date. That way, you can ensure you’ll get paid for your Event before it happens and that you’ll have enough time to prepare. 

Set your own terms

What’s more important to you, Event income or a packed audience? Either way, you can set your Threshold - think of this as a goal - to match. If you want to reach $1000 in revenue, set your Threshold to $1000. Or, set an Attendance Threshold, so you’re sure to have a full house for your Event. 

“What if I want to guarantee both revenue and attendance for my Event?”

No problem. You can also set your Threshold for both Attendance and Revenue.

For even greater convenience, you can customize your Threshold deadline. That means you decide when your Threshold expires, how long you’ll sell tickets, and how much time you’d like from then until your Event.

Don’t lose any momentum

Choose to confirm your Event with the GreenLight™ feature any time after reaching 80% of your Threshold, so you don’t lose any of your existing reservations. 

For example, if you sell enough tickets to meet 90% of your Threshold, but it’s only one day before your deadline, you can take advantage of the moment and GreenLight™ your Event On Demand™. That way you don’t miss out on all the sales you made. If you think it’s likely you’ll sell the remaining 10% of tickets between your Threshold deadline and your Event, this is a great strategy. 


Learn how to create an Event on Demand™