Promote your event with social media

Social media is an essential piece of your marketing strategy. Social platforms help you connect with your audience, increase awareness about your offerings, and boost your bookings.

Social media is all about engagement. Don't post just about your events, but find out what your audience is interested in and post about that topic. Engage with them, take an interest in them, don't just promote yourself.

If you want them to be interested in you, then be interested in them!

Use social media to:

* Build awareness of your offerings
* Communicate Authority and Social Proof
* Show Authenticity
* Engage with your Audience
* Grow affordably
* Grow your following
* Develop a relationship with your followers

It is not important for you to be on all platforms. Pick one that you are comfortable with AND where your audience hangs out, and go deep and be consistent.

If your audience does not hang out often in Facebook, but are found on Instagram, then post often on Instagram. Some niches don't like social media at all, but prefer email.

Do your research and find out where they are and where they like to engage.