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Host - Hosts connect Talent and Venues, and raise awareness about such gatherings as concerts, performances, speaking tours and more. Think of them as a producer of the event or an event planner. They could be an owner of a restaurant, a performance space, or a yoga studio. They might have an online following and are looking for speakers to engage and entertain their community. They can be a principal looking for someone to lead a class for their students. The sky's the limit.

Instant Booking - Instant bookings don’t require approval from Talent before they can be booked. Instead, a Venue or Host can choose a date and time and book Talent automatically.

Offering -
An offering can be anything - from a performance, a seminar, a workshop, a masterclass, a book reading, a yoga class, etc.

Promoter - A promoter is someone who promotes events for an affiliate fee. Promoters are like affiliate marketers. They help expand your reach and your audience by engaging and marketing to their existing email list and social media following. 

Talent -
A performer, subject expert, artist, chef, celebrity, etc. If you have something to offer the world, you are Talent. 

Talent On Demand - Gathr’s service that provides a risk-free way of producing any event. Fans can book Talent into Venues - live or virtual. But the event will only go forward when enough people reserve enough tickets in advance to get to a "tipping point".

Tipping Point - The minimum quantity of tickets that need to be sold in order for an event to go forward. This is the break-even point which factors in all of the costs including venue price, talent, rights, and marketing, etc.

Venue - Any space that could be used for an event - a club, a restaurant, a yoga studio, a classroom, etc.