How to Join a Virtual Event

Do you have tickets for a virtual Event, but you're not sure how to access the Event?

If you're unsure how to access a virtual Event you've bought tickets for, watch this video to find out how:


Gathr recommends using Google Chrome as your browser for the best virtual Event experience. 


To access a virtual Event you bought tickets for, follow these steps:

  1. Open the email from Gathr with the subject: Your tickets for [virtual Event name]

This message was sent to the email address you used when purchasing tickets for a virtual Event on


ticket email in inbox


   2.  Once inside this email, find Access my Event to enter the Watch Page of your virtual Event: 


Email Access My Event GIF




Note: to prevent this link from being shared, it can only be used up to five times to enter the Event Watch page. After five uses, you can enter the Event Watch page by looking up your Order


   3.  Look up your Order by entering your email address and either the last four digits of the purchasing credit card or the access code from the confirmation email. 


Ticket Lookup


   4.  Join your Event


Gathr Platform

join meeting-1

Be sure to allow permissions for your microphone and camera:

Allow Browser permissions Gathr platform



Zoom Allow Permissions GIF

Be sure to allow permissions for your microphone and camera, and enable your microphone. You won't be able to hear your Event until you enable your microphone. 

The microphone icon should look like this:

Join Zoom Event Allow Permissions


You can see when the Event begins by looking at the countdown clock:

countdown clock


   5.  You made it! 


Gathr Platform

You have now entered your Virtual Event Watch page. 

Join a Meeting Jitsi



How to Join a Zoom Event GIF