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How to Host a Theatrical on Demand® Film Screening

Learn how to host a crowdfunded film screening in a movie theater near you.

Follow these steps to make your Film Screening happen:

  1. Find a Film
  2. Fill in the Screening Request Form
  3. Review and Accept Offers
  4. Pre-Authorize Payment
  5. Publish Your Screening
  6. Cover your Total Cost
  7. GreenLight™ your Event


   1.  Find a film 

Once you find a film on Gathr.com, select Host a Screening

   2. Fill in the Screening Request From

Here you’ll fill in all the relevant details about your Screening, including the date, location, and special guest talent. 

First, you’ll see all the Gathr Talent profiles that worked on this Film. You can easily book any of these Talent profiles to make your Screening more appealing to your potential audience. For example, you could book a cast member for a 30-minute Meet-and-Greet before the feature, a director for a post-screening Q + A session, or a writer to deliver a talk to the audience. 

After you book your Talent, choose a Venue. Gathr has relationships with many cinema chains across the US, so start by entering the city name where you want to host your Screening. Then, you’ll see on the embedded map if there are any nearby movie theaters available for a Screening. Then, choose your preferred Venue. 

If the theater you were looking for doesn’t appear, please contact us, so we can reach out to the theater, and help you make your Screening happen. 

Once you’ve selected your preferred theater, move on to Date & Time

You can select any dark gray dates on the calendar. 

Tip: Since this is a Theatrical on Demand® Screening, be sure to choose a date that gives you enough time to sell enough tickets to fully fund your Event. If you don’t reach your minimum sales total by the deadline, your Screening will be cancelled. 

Now that you’ve finished entering your Event information, Submit your Screening Request

   3.  Review and Accept your Offers

Check the Offers your Bookings have made for your Screening Request.

When you submitted your Screening Request, both a Theatrical Venue and a Film Owner received it. If you also selected a Gathr Talent profile, then they also received your Request. 

At this point, these Bookings send you an Offer price to host a Screening with them. Each Offer is decided by that profile. 

When you receive the Offers, you have 24 hours to Accept or Decline them. 

   4.  Pre-Authorize Payment

Though no payment is collected here, you must pre-authorize payment to be deducted from your Screening’s earnings so your Bookings get paid. 

Since this is a Theatrical on Demand® Film Screening, it’s a completely crowdfunded Event, meaning you don’t pay anything today, and your Bookings will get paid from the earnings of your Event. 

Keep in mind that the total of all your Booking costs will automatically be set as the minimum total (“Total Cost”) you must reach to GreenLight™ your Event. 

More on the money part soon. 

   5.  Publish Your Screening

Set up ticketing and make your Event public. 

Once you’ve confirmed all Offers from your Film Booking, Venue Booking, and Talent Booking(s), and you've pre-authorized payment, you can publish your Event. 

The last step before publishing is setting your ticket prices and ticket tiers. 

At this point, you see your Total Cost. This is the amount you must earn in ticket sales to fully fund your Screening. 

Note: Since this is a crowdfunded Event, if you don’t generate enough revenue to cover your Total Cost by the deadline, your Event will be cancelled. 

Any amount you earn beyond your total cost is a net profit for you, the Host. 

You can use the Earnings Calculator to help you work out the numbers among your Total Cost, Capacity, and ticket prices. 

Additionally, you can add multiple ticket tiers, such as Early Bird, General Admission, and VIP. Again, the calculator will help you determine what revenue to expect. 

Once you’ve set your ticketing tiers and prices, it’s time to publish. Be sure of your ticket prices - you won't be able to adjust prices or tiers after you publish. When you're ready, publish.

Nice - your Screening is now live!

Upon publishing, you will arrive at your Film Screening Management page, where you can check all the details of your upcoming Event. 

Take note of your Total Cost and your Deadline. These two items are pre-set by your Bookings, and they cannot be changed. 

Tip: Start your ticket sales/marketing efforts early to be sure you reach your Total Cost before your Deadline

   6.  Cover your Total Cost 

Sell enough tickets to cover your Total Cost. This opens the door for the next and final step of planning your Film Screening - GreenLight™ your Event.

   7.  GreenLight™ your Event

Once you reach your Total Cost, you can GreenLight™ your Film Screening. When you do so, all the pre-authorized charges for ticket reservations to your Event are charged. 

After you GreenLight™, your Screening Detail page will charge new audience members for their tickets, rather than saving their reservations. That means you will have ticketing income for your Event. 


Well done! You fully funded your Film Screening!