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How to Get Your Event Space Booked

Learn how to add an event space, so you can start booking it today.

From your Overview, go to Add an Event Space


Next, select the type of space - currently, you can feature commercial spaces. 


From here, enter some basic information about your Venue. When you start filling in your Venue name, various options appear to choose from. Enter your Venue name manually or select from the list of options. 


If you'd like host film screenings at your venue, select Theatre for Venue Type. 


Now it’s time to enter some details about your space, like capacity, size, and parking. 


If you have both seated and standing capacity in your space, you can enter them both, but the higher of the two is used as the total capacity. 

Next, start building your Event Space page. This information appears on your public-facing page, so be sure to include all the relevant information, a great cover photo (2:1 aspect ratio is best), and an embedded video.


Finally, set your deposit amounts, cancellation policies, and your availability. 

You can choose any percentage for your deposit, as well as refundable or non-refundable.

Your cancellation policy protects you from the unlikely event of your Host cancelling your Booking. 

Additionally, you can customize your availability, down to the hour and the day. Also, you can easily set different rates for different days of the week. For example, you can charge $150 per hour on a Friday night, and $80 per hour on a Monday night. Alternatively, you can set a total buyout amount so that Hosts can reserve your venue for the duration of your availability that day. 

You can also add any additional fees, like cleaning, electricity, or catering. These can be fixed fees, per hour, or per person. Select if these are optional or required fees, too. 


After you finish this step, your Event Space is ready. Select Finish

That’s it! Your Event Space is now visible publicly and you can start booking it!