How to Create and Manage 1-to-1 Calls

Quickly set up your 1:1 Calls and start getting booked today.

Creating your 1:1 Calls is simple and just takes a few steps. 

  1. Getting started
  2. Add details for your 1:1 Call
  3. Connect your Google Calendar
  4. Select meeting platform
  5. Publish & review your Booking page

1. Getting started

From your Dashboard, select "1-to-1 Calls" in the left sidebar menu. 

Dashboard 1 to 1 calls


2. Add details for your 1:1 Call

Here you fill in all the specifics about your session, scheduling, timing, price, and more. 

  • Service Name - Use a descriptive title that states what your client will accomplish or how they will benefit from your session. For example, "Conquering Your Fears: A Personalized Action Plan," "The Current State of Nuclear Energy: Your Questions Answered," or "Free Discovery Call - Learn more about the Self-Marketers' Collective."
  • Public URL
  • Description - Crafting a compelling description for your 1-to-1 consultations is crucial. With your audience's needs in mind, highlight the concrete benefits your 1:1 Call offers them. Next, describe your approach, emphasizing personalization, and outline the key parts of your consultations for transparency. Keep your description concise and engaging. Finish up with a clear call to action such as, "Book today!" or "What are you waiting for? Book a session today!"
  • Duration - How long is your session? 
  • Hide service from your profile page - Toggle this on if you'd like to stop offering a 1:1 Call at any time.
  • Pricing  - Set your session price. For free sessions, set the price to $0. 
  • Availability - Add when you are available for this 1:1 Call. You can add multiple times per day, for example in the morning and in the afternoon, or you can mark entire days unavailable, such as weekend days. 


3. Connect your Google Calendar

Integrate with your personal or professional Google Calendar to make sure you never get double booked and that your 1-to-1 Calls always appear on your Google Calendar automatically. 

When you select "Link Google Calendar," you'll be redirected to a Google page where you'll be asked to choose an account, enter your login information, and approve of the integration. 

If you have multiple Google Calendars under the linked Google account, you can select which ones to include once you connect to your Google account. 

4. Select meeting platform

Choose from Zoom or Google Meet to seamlessly create a meeting with every new 1:1 Call booking, or set a custom location, and we'll automatically add it to the Google Calendar Event that is instantly created when your 1-to-1 Call is booked. 

To host 1:1 Calls with Google Meet or Zoom, you must connect your Google or Zoom account with Gathr. 


For Zoom, select "Link Zoom Account."


Google Meet

For Google Meet, select "Connect Google Calendar to use Google Meet."


Depending on your selection, you'll see a button to "Link Zoom Account" or "Connect Google Calendar"

Note that you must link your Google Calendar in order to use Google Meet. 

Whichever option you choose, follow the instructions by entering your Zoom/Google login credentials, and you'll then be redirected back to your 1:1 Calls setup page upon successful linking. 

Custom Meeting Location


To set a personalized meeting location, be it an in-person location, a virtual meeting link, or any other place, select Custom Meeting Location. Then, add your custom location in the text field.

Example custom meeting locations could include:

  • "123 Main St, Boston, MA"
  • "" or any other URL
  • "Meet me at my office"

Once your call gets booked, the automatically created Google Calendar Event will include your custom location in the "Notes" section. Additionally, your custom location is included in Gathr's confirmation email sent to purchasers upon booking your 1-to-1 call. 

Once you've made your selection, save your settings. 


Great! Now you can host 1:1 Calls 👌

5. Publish & review your Booking page

Save changes for your new 1:1 Call and your Booking page is ready to go.

Once you save your settings, you'll land on your 1:1 Preferences page, displaying all the settings you've just saved. 

You can not only edit any of your settings from here, but also access your now public Booking page by selecting the URL itself next to "Public URL":

1 to 1 Preferences

Double-check your public Booking page to check your description, availability, and pricing to make sure everything looks good.

Now you're ready to start sharing your Booking page URL and encouraging your community to reserve their personalized 1:1 Call with you today. 


All your 1:1 Calls also appear on your Talent profile page, so you can get booked directly from your profile, too.