Gathr’s Off-Platform Policy

Community policy

To protect our community and business, the following behaviors are prohibited:

Taking people off of Gathr for new, partial, or future bookings or other transactions


  • Contacting potential Booking targets or Event organizers prior to booking on Gathr to move the booking off of Gathr (ex: offering discounts to book off of Gathr).
  • Selling tickets off of Gathr or authorizing others to do so.
  • Asking somebody to fill out forms, or call, email, or otherwise contact you via a non-Gathr communications service prior to accepting booking request. 
  • Canceling existing full or partial booking and having users rebook off of Gathr. 
  • Asking or encouraging a user to handle a repeat or future booking outside of Gathr. 
  • Including links or embedding buttons that take people off of Gathr to another website in any messages to guests, including emails sent via Gathr’s customizable reminder emails feature. 

Asking Booking targets or Attendees for, or using, contact or identity information in ways unrelated to their booking, or that compromise the quality of their participation


  • Asking a potential Host, Venue, or Talent for contact information prior to completing a booking (all communications prior to booking must be on Gathr)
  • Soliciting Attendees for their email, mailing address, social media handles or other contact details 
  • Asking users to send photos of their government ID 


  • You may require additional personal information if it is required for legal or compliance reasons, and there is no legal alternative, and you can verify this to Gathr upon request. In such instances, Event organizers must, in their initial inquiry to a Booking target,  specify the contact/identity information that will be required and why, so Booking targets understand this additional step is a requirement prior to booking. Event organizers are responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable data privacy laws.
  • After accepting a Booking, you may ask an Event organizer to confirm that the contact information provided by Gathr is an appropriate way to get in touch leading up to and during the Event or if the Event organizer requests an alternative or communication after a Booking is confirmed. 
  • The Host, Talent, and Venue for a particular existing Booking may use an alternative means of communicating with each other about that existing Booking (ex: chat app), but all communication about future Bookings, and all future Bookings themselves, between the Host and either the Talent or the Venue must take place on Gathr.

Requesting, making or accepting payment off of Gathr 

All payments and refunds related to a Booking (of Talent or of a Venue), Events (virtual, in-person, or hybrid), Films, and any other transaction that is subject to the Gathr Terms of Service must go through Gathr.

Taking people off of Gathr for feedback and reviews

You may not ask users to review a Gathr Event, Booking, Venue or Talent, or complete a survey about them, on a non-Gathr website or service. These actions take valuable input away from the Gathr community. We want users to share their feedback directly on Gathr so that others may benefit from their insights.

Requiring Event organizers/Booking targets to use other websites or apps to create an Event or confirm a Booking


  • Asking Booking targets to create a separate account or register on another website besides 
  • Asking users to use or install a third-party app; all listings on Gathr should be accessible to a Booking target without requiring they have another app or account.


  • Where Gathr has an integration with a third-party platform (such as Zoom or Google Meet), you may require any participant to use the Gathr-integrated version of that platform as part of the Booking or Event.
  • Additional registration or installation of additional apps is permitted where it’s required for legal or compliance reasons that an Event organizer or Booking target can verify in writing upon request by Gathr (such as local laws, building security rules, etc.), and there is no legal alternative. In such instances, Event organizers must include information about what is required, and why, in their profile or Talent Offering description, so Talents understand this additional step is a requirement prior to booking.