Gathr and Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic has crushed us, and we are all trying to figure out what works best for our trades, our arts, and our audiences in these unprecedented times. 

Shifting to a virtual event model, even temporarily, will pay dividends down the road, You don’t need a major shift, you just need some creativity, pivoting and tweaking. You, and your events, can be just as exciting and profitable as being there in person. Going virtual can be a blessing. In fact, your audience just got much bigger! You might miss the laughter and the applause, but digital interactions can still have meaning and impact. The good news is, now more than ever, people are hungry for engagement and learning something new.

One of the leaders in live events, Bari Baumgardner from Sage Entertainment, reports:

We have been working with our clients to transition their in-person event to virtual events.
I’m also here to report to you, with certainty, that virtual live events are actually OUTPERFORMING their in-person counterparts in almost every way!

Going virtual opens up event attendance to any part of the globe. You can significantly expand your audience by eliminating the factors of travel, time, and money that often prevent interested participants from attending an event. 

Going virtual cuts down on event cost for you and your audience. Costs such as venue, staff, travel, accommodation, and meal are no longer a factor in producing and attending an event. 

Going virtual opens up the possibility of bringing talent from around the world together. The requirements of being in the same physical space are no longer a factor. 

Virtual events can live on and continue to be accessible afterwards on your website, platform, YouTube channel, etc. Your audience can continue to enjoy these past the day of.

Gathr is here to help you make this seamless transition.