Can I Get a Refund on My Tickets?

Find out how easy it is to request a refund.

Third-party Event Hosts are in charge of setting a refund policy and granting refunds. To get a refund for your tickets, send a refund request to the Event Host. 


1. Look up Ticket Confirmation Email

2. Find Event's Refund Policy

3. Contact the Host

4. Await Host's Decision

5. Refund Policies


  1. Find "Your tickets for [Event Name]" ticket purchase confirmation email.

    Ticket in email

   2.  Select "Contact The Organizer" and go to "Help" to find the Host's Refund Policy.  


Contact Event Organizer and Refund POlicy GIF

In this example Event, the Refund Policy is Moderate (all Events default to Moderate unless the Host changes the policy).


   3.  Contact the Host to request a refund.

Be sure you input the same email address where you received your ticket confirmation, which includes a Receipt with your Order ID


Order ID

Enter your details, and send your refund request. 

How to request a refund


   4.  Await the Host's response. They have 12 hours to accept or decline your request under the Moderate Policy. 

If your Event has a Flexible Policy, your refund request will be automatically accepted. 


Refund Policies


  • Flexible: When you request a refund under the Flexible Refund Policy, it's automatically accepted, and the Host receives an email. You have until 12 hours after an Event ends to request a refund.
  • Moderate: The host is immediately notified via email when you request a refund under the Moderate Refund Policy. The Event Host then has 12 hours to review it and accept or deny this request. 
  • Strict: You may not request a refund under the Strict Refund Policy. 

Note - Service Fees and Transactions Fees are always non-refundable. 

Event Cancelation - If an Event gets canceled, you will receive a full refund.