How do I get set up for a virtual event?

Know Your Tech Set Up

When thinking about your tech set-up select the technology that creates the least amount of barriers between you and your audience. Think about the ideal version of your program, and how it will be consumed by your audience. What steps need to be taken to achieve this? You want to make it as easy as possible for your audience to access what you’re offering. 


While exploring your options get clarity on the following: 

  • Do you want distribution technology that saves and broadcasts content on multiple platforms? 
  • Do you want to telecast locally or globally?
  • Is an e-commerce space necessary for your content? 
  • Do you need video conferencing?
  • Should you broadcast to social media?
  • If you plan for a global audience, consider translation services for subtitles.
  • Do you want content to be accessible to the visually challenged and hearing impaired?
  • Do you need a teleprompter? 
  • Is this a single camera set up? Will you be broadcasting directly from your computer?
  • Will you have a multi-camera set up in which you’ll be able to switch between different angles or performers?

Choose Your Platform
The platform you choose plays a vital role in your presentation and how your audience reaches you. When researching and choosing your virtual events platform, there are many things to think about and consider.

Here are some key features to consider when selecting the right platform for you:

  • Customization

Being able to integrate your company branding and messaging throughout the platform, will help 

create a consistent experience for attendees.

  • Automation

What automation features does the platform have? How can these be integrated into your 


  • Event Management Tools

What are the platform’s event registration email marketing capabilities? What are its data collection capabilities?

  • Live Broadcast Capabilities

Does the platform support live broadcasting? Does the platform support automated subtitles?

  • Pre-Recorded Content Capabilities

Are you able to make pre-recorded content available on the platform as part of your offering?

  • Communication & Engagement Features

Does the platform have a chatting, messaging, or group chat feature? Does the platform have a Q&A feature? Does the platform have a survey feature? 

  • Social Media Integration

What social media networks does the platform integrate with? 

  • Recorded Content Capabilities

Is the platform able to record and store your live event? How long will you have access? Is it easily accessible to you and your attendees?

  • Monetization Features

What opportunities are there to monetize your offering on the platform outside of selling the initial ticket?